Motor Skills Cube Underwater World

So much going on underwater! With a motor skills loop, shape fitting game, sliding labyrinth, gear wheel game and rattle, this wooden motor skills cube is a multi-talent on five playable sides.
The lovingly designed backdrop with a maritime underwater world encourages storytelling and lets children playfully discover the world of sea creatures. The octopus, whose head wobbles merrily thanks to the spring mechanism, provides the extra portion of fun. The rotatable porthole with colorful rattle balls and the mirror are also special play highlights. The included fishing rod offers variety, with which the three magnetic plug-in building blocks can be fished. Great fun for small children, which trains motor skills and encourages patience at the same time. The underwater world motor skills cube impresses with its unusual and versatile play options, the large amount of visible wood and the child-friendly design. Turned around, the motor skills loop can be easily stowed away in the motor skills cube to save space, so that the toy fits well on any children’s room shelf.
From 12months

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