How we started

‘I am a mum to three beautiful children, and Valeria’s World takes the name of my one and only daughter, Valeria. The whole idea started when Valeria was born. I was and still am passionate about all things girly so when she arrived that passion grew and grew everyday. Being a mother is a remarkable gift. It means being a role model for my little ones, being a cheerleader for their milestones every step of the way and showing the abundance of love that floods my heart,’ says the founder and owner of the brand, Christina Pavlou. Christina loves to get creative in dazzling and fashionable accessories that exude confidence, character and playfulness. 

As a company, we aim to provide quality accessories and seasonal clothing that all people of all ages will love. We may have started with girl accessories, but our selection of products is rapidly growing to suit women, girls, boys and toddlers.

Our goals, 2023

We are on a mission to help you create beautiful memories with your loved ones while being in fashion. We draw inspiration from our littles ones and modern-day women and thus provide playful patterns and whimsical creations. After all, gorgeous fashion items have the power to make us feel empowered and ready to conquer the world. 

Looking into 2023, we hope to connect with more women around the world and help make their and their children’s wardrobe even more stunning. This year we will enrich our selections even more so that you can have a wider choice of products to choose from. We promise to continue to innovate, offer lovely designs and provide the best-value products.

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